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“Cartoonist as Auteur: Europe’s Visionary Graphic Novelists “

Donnerstag, den 2. Oktober 2008

r_kleist.jpgAm 19. September berichtete das “Wall Street Journal” ĂĽber die europäische Graphic-Novel-Szene und stellte Autoren aus verschiedenen Ländern vor. Brigit Grauman portraitiert unter anderem Reinhard Kleist (“Cash – I See A Darkness”, Carlsen Comics), Gipi (“5 Songs”, avant-verlag) und David B. (“Die heilige Krankheit”, Edition Moderne).

Neben dem lesenswerten Bericht werden noch wichtige europäische Comicfestivals vom Fumetto in Luzern über das Festival International de la Bande Desinée Angoulême bis hin zum Comic-Salon Erlangen vorgestellt.

Cartoonist as Auteur: Europe’s Visionary Graphic Novelists

The graphic novel explosion under way in the U.S. — where overall sales were up 10% last year — has had a longer gestation in Europe, where sophisticated comics meant for adults have been popular since the 1960s.

The current crop of European writers and artists marry word and image to express their personal vision of the world. “These are rich and challenging times for the graphic novel,” says Paul Gravett, the founder of the annual Comica festival in London. “For a long time, comic strips were dismissed as sub-literature. Now there’s a great appetite for this sort of book.”

Whether called “comic books” or “graphic novels” — some consider the terms interchangeable, others see differences in form and scope — these works emphasize powerful storytelling, on subjects as broad as those found in any other published works, from autobiography to fantasy to war reportage to humor. Text and art are equal tools to this end. mehr